A Note from John Paul

So, it’s been awhile. Ready to do some catching up now.

I’ve been working on many things. 

A record label, a recording studio, a live venue, and a house renovation. I’ve collaborated on some of my friends’ albums and soundtracks. I’ve performed on stage with some of those same friends. I’ve produced three albums of which I’m incredibly proud.

In the not so distant future, I’ll go into detail about some of those things. If’n you’re interested.

More importantly, I’ve also enjoyed making up for lost time with my wife and children. Traveling less. Sleeping in my own bed. Lots of baseball games and dance recitals.

And I’ve written songs.

Songs that a lot of me tried not to write. Songs that wouldn’t leave me alone. Songs that moved me enough to want to share them.

I’ll be sharing these songs with you on August 19th. The record is called “Beulah”.

Why share them? Well, that’s a harder question. I don’t yet know the answer to it. I just know that as soon as they came out of my head and hit the page, I couldn’t stop wanting them to connect with others. Something in me (and I’m guessing in most that ply their wares in the creative world) wanted them to breathe, to move, to elicit emotion. To make others feel something. Even when I was deeply in love with my new semi-connected life.

One of those songs, “The Martyr”, is available to stream now. (http://smarturl.it/TheMartyr)

I’m also heading out into the world to help these songs take flight. I’ll be traveling up the east coast, through the midwest, and out to the west coast. We’re announcing the midwest dates today— and we’ll be announcing the west coast dates very soon.  Check them out!

If you’ll have me, I’d love to play these songs for you.

-John Paul

P.S.- If you want to order the record, you can do that at our store.  I’ll be happy to sign it for you.